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What Defines Humanity: Chapter 1- A DGM Fanfic
Why does humanity have to suffer? Why are the fragile ones forced to carry such a burden? They are forced to feel despair, pain, jealousy, hatred, sorrow… Why do these innocent, fragile mortals have to bear all of this pain?
I… Am not like them… "I" do not exist as they do. So, I cannot help them as I am.
I have waited so long for someone; someone that could feel as I cannot. I only wish to help. I want to shoulder the despair, pain, jealousy, hatred, and sorrow… So that one in such despair could feel happiness; that happiness, which seems to be something that only humans can contain.
I want to be close to it; much, much closer.
What is wrong with that person?
Why isn't that person happy? They look sad… So, so sad…
Why is that person in despair? Why do they care about the bodies lying around them? They're only human… People have no reason to care. A life that is so short cannot be spent mourning over the dead. So be happy, please.
Let me carry you
:iconomoshiroikyoki:OmoshiroiKyoki 1 3
Fools for a Fool: Chapter 1- A D.Gray-Man Fanfic
"Oi! Lenalee!"
The female exorcist turned from the coffee machine she was currently using, only to see her easily-excited red-headed friend.
The bookman's apprentice had a bounce in his step as he continued to waltz over to Lenalee, not even bothering to try to disguise the mischievous look in his eyes.
Lenalee sighed, Uh-oh… I'd better prepare myself…
"What is it, Lavi?"
"Okay, so... I was in the cafeteria with Allen, Krory, Miranda, and Kanda, eating lunch. Speaking of lunch, it was really good! The Yakiniku was absolutely delicious~! It tasted as if it was made from the best-"
"Lavi!" Lenalee interrupted, knowing that if the red-head was steered off track, she would have to listen to at least twice the rambling.
"Oh, right. So, I heard this hilarious joke from one of the finders the other day, and I thought that I'd share it with everyone at the table,"
"Mhm…" The female responded, letting Lavi know that even though she was making coffee, she would still pay
:iconomoshiroikyoki:OmoshiroiKyoki 8 8
A Little Brother- A D.Gray-Man Fanfic
A small child sat on the lone chair, looking to be around only 4 years old. He seemed as if he was excited, and he was looking around anxiously, his legs swinging back and forth.
The boy looked at the door beside the chair, wanting desperately to open it and see what was going on, "When will Mommy be done? I wanna see my little brother!"
The small child giggled to himself, remembering what his parents would say whenever he called the baby that would soon be his sibling a boy.
'Mana, we don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl yet,' His mother would say, exasperated by her first-born son's resistance to addressing the baby as his 'little sibling', 'Just be patient, and for now we'll call the baby 'baby'.'
Mana jumped as he heard his mother scream from inside the room, despite the warnings she gave him occasionally to not worry if she starts yelling, because that was just her 'expressing her joy to have another child'.
"Mommy doesn't sound very happy…" He considered, jumping f
:iconomoshiroikyoki:OmoshiroiKyoki 5 3
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Why hello, ladies and gentlemen. I stand before you to introduce to you a fantastic event! An amazingly wonderful occasion, which you would only be able to witness few times in your life! This, my friends, is the beginning of the start!

Nah, I'm kidding... There's nothing "rare" or "fantastic" about this journal C; Silly you, thinking that I actually have something important to say. Pshhh. Anyway, this is just a little update that I decided to write instead of doing something productive like drawing, working on my fanfics (I promise, they will continue some day D8), making new mmv's, making new amv's, or doing my homework. I just thought that, since I haven't written a new journal in a few weeks, that it's a good excuse to avoid everything I should be doing ;D

Hmm... What to start with...? Well, I might have yet another cosplay photo-shoot this weekend since it's fall-fest (a fairly large event where I live), and it has a carnival air to it, which would match D.Gray-Man pretty well ^w^ That is, if my friend can go with me... I need her to take pictures, but I don't know if she can come D; I've also succeeded in creating three separate outfits for my Allen cosplay (who knew I had so many men's clothes hanging in my closet? XD), so expect more pictures in the future  ;D Also, as for fanfics and drawings, school has kept me far too busy for me to have any inspiration for continuing them. I will get started again eventually, but for now I'm too busy. x.x I found a new genre of music through the D.Gray-Man forums, though~! Koenig shared a bit of steampunk music on one of the threads, and I've fallen in love with it 8D ♥ I don't know how I couldn't find it before; all I know is that it's so fun to listen to it 8D So, that's what has filled up my ipod, phone, and computers XD

o 3o I'm starting to play this game called "Mabinogi" again... It's an MMORGP for the computer, and it's interesting to get back to it ;o I doubt that I'm going to be playing it very much, though; like I said above, I've been rather busy. Either way, I kinda missed it. I played it back when I was in 5th grade, and continued to play it until 8th grade, which is the longest time that I've ever stuck with a game XD Second longest was Perfect World International, which I played for around two months. I have been playing Skyrim since it came out (though on and off), so maybe it can break my record with PWI 8D

Oh yeah! Even though I've pretty much been going to school all day and then sleeping in my free time, I was able to start on a couple sewing projects~! The one I've gotten the farthest on is sewing my Izaya (Durarara) cosplay. I've already finished the coat, so now I'm debating between just going off and buying some pants or sewing my own. It would be good practice for me to sew my own pants, but I'm just so lazy DX The second project is sewing a gigantic Timcanpy 8D I already have four different sized Tims laying around my room, but I don't have a big one right now. (You know; one I can sit and sleep on 8D) Right now I'm only gathering the materials, but I should be finished by Halloween~! :D (Which, might I add, is hardly any time at all for me)

I'm probably forgetting something, but I think that's it for now ;o I love having conversations, so feel free to talk to me any time~!
  • Listening to: Blades in Autumn by The Clockwork Dolls.
  • Reading: My AP World History Textbook.
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory.
  • Eating: Air.
  • Drinking: Monster energy drink.


OmoshiroiKyoki's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I mainly cosplay and write fanfiction, but I may get into some other things in the near future. I'm currently in high school and am involved in debate as well as several AP courses, so I'm usually pretty busy (Plus I procrastinate far too frequently, which means I'm usually up untill 3 am doing some homework I had a week to do). I also occasionally draw, though most of my drawings won't make it to here, since I am lacking a scanner and find it difficult to draw on my computer. >.> However, this should change shortly, because I bought a really nice tablet~! So, once I get over my current cosplay obsession (if that happens), I will certainly begin to draw rather frequently ^w^

Random things about me that you know you don't really care about:
-I always get "old sayings" incorrectly... An example would be that one time I said "creativity killed the cat", instead of "curiosity killed the cat". Such a fail x.x I'm sure that if creativity killed the cat, everyone on here would be dead -.-
-I can either be one of the most serious people you could ever talk to, or one of the people that can't stop laughing and smiling like a crazy person. C:
-Some days I have no artistic talent whatsoever, whereas other days I can draw an almost-perfect stick figure C:
-The only songs that get stuck in my head are Daymanstep by Joman (that's an awesome song... Check it out ^w^), the Narwhal Song, the Kitty Cat song, and Bbiribbom Bberibbom by Co-Ed School (which, might I add, is the worst song for me to get stuck in my head because I'm overcome by the need to dance to it...).

I hope you enjoy whatever it is that I decide to share~!


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